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Diamonds have always been a testament to love. And a Solitaire ring has historically been an elegant choice to profess love. Let rare and authentic diamonds be a witness to the unique bond with an assortment of Solitaire rings from B.C.Sen Jewellers.

Different Settings

If you are confused about what Solitaire will suit your soul mate or want a bespoke piece for yourself, we are here to assist you to find the perfect Solitaire.

Beyond 4Cs

At B.C.Sen Jewellers we go beyond the standardized grading of Diamonds. Each Diamond goes through a stringent checking before seeing the light of the outer world. Every Diamond is individually selected by our team with the help of the latest technology. A very few Diamonds pass through our additional rigid criteria. In addition to that, we are a strong flag bearer of safe and ethical business conduct. All the Diamonds at B.C.Sen Jewellers are responsibly sourced, making it a fair and safe place for the workers and Earth. We believe in gifting you nature’s rarest gift that is fair and just.





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