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Diamond's zeal and resilience can be witnessed in every woman. Our diamond collection celebrates women, who are much more than what meets the eye. Each piece is mindfully crafted with enthralling diamonds and delicate designs that enunciates contemporary design maybe and our adept karigari. Revel in the joy of owning a billion-year-old diamond with a tale of its own from B.C.Sen Jewellers, the trusted diamond jewellery showroom in Kolkata. B.C.Sen Jewellers takes pride in dealing with solely natural diamonds, consistently maintaining and building the trust of our customers.


A magnificent collection elegantly strung together with Diamonds that are truly timeless. Unique designs come alive to reflect inner radiance and are crafted with natural diamonds at the most trusted Diamond jewellery store in Kolkata, B.C.Sen Jewellers.


Capturing the strong spirit and delicate aura of her, we have weaved a collection that unequivocally mirrors her character with natural diamonds cascading over her neck.