Touch of Gold in Indian Weddings

Touch of Gold in Indian Weddings

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Can you imagine a wedding without jewellery? No, right?

Jewellery has always been a pivotal part of the wedding ceremony. Some pieces adorned by the bride carry the blessings of our elders and some pieces are an emblem of our family’s heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. Gold can be credited to be the one metal that has been a companion in celebrating any milestone, and weddings are no exception. Just like we celebrate the purity and uniqueness of the knot that binds two people for a lifetime, Gold also has also been a much celebrated metal in the Indian culture since time immemorial for its intrinsic value. Weddings are truly incomplete without the radiance of Gold.

Gold’s Auspiciousness

Gold is considered to be auspicious and sacred in the Indian culture. The metal bears the colour of the Sun God and is believed to bring in the glow of divinity in the wearer’s life. Gold is gifted by many in the wedding to bless the newlywed with abundance in every aspect of their life. Gold also represents the purity and resilience of the relationship.


Gifts received by the bride as a token of love during her wedding are considered as ‘Streedhan’ and Gold jewellery is an inseparable part of it. ‘Streedhan’ implies that these gifts solely belong to the bride and the bride can use them as she deems fit. The Gold jewellery serves as a safe haven for the bride’s future.

Family Heirloom

Over time, Gold jewellery that is gifted to the bride on her special day become a family heirloom, which is then passed down from generation to generation. Gold never loses its value, both intrinsic and emotional. Each piece treasured by the bride has a story to tell. These memories amplify the value of Gold.

Safest Investment

Gold is rightly said to be liquid currency. The price of Gold is ever increasing. The Gold jewellery gifted to the bride and the groom, apart from being the bearer of blessings from the family members, is also a great source of investment.

Gold has always been and will be an integral part of the Indian wedding affair. It is not just yellow metal, it holds emotional and sentimental value along with being the safest form of investment. It is always a good time to invest in Gold and weddings bring the perfect opportunity to buy Gold.

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