6 Essential Traditional Jewellery Pieces For Millennial Brides

6 Essential Traditional Jewellery Pieces For Millennial Brides

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Driving the essence of Indian wedding from our predecessors, millennial brides too carry the belief that a wedding signifies the heavenly union of two souls bound together by love and commitment. But they have come a long way from our ancestral wedding trousseau. Brides of today’s world have become much more experimental with their bridal look, drawing inspiration from celebrities and social media influencers. But what keeps us connected to our forefathers is the desire to be rooted in our culture and heritage. 

Here are a few traditional Jewellery pieces for the millennial Indian brides that celebrate the radiance and beauty of a woman in love:

Elaborate Maang Tikka

Polki and Gold Maang Tikka

Let’s start from the top! From styling elegantly middle-parted hair to giant decorated buns, Maang Tikkas are essential for every millennial bride. Choose an elaborately crafted Maang Tikka to adorn your forehead and add a touch of regality to your already alluring bridal outfit or opt for a Matha-Patti which features an additional chain to the regular Maang Tikkas and frames the face beautifully. 

Experimental Bridal Necklace

Antique Gold Necklace and Earrings

The most important accessory is the bridal necklace. The whole social media knows about the newfound love for chokers. It is worn for casual meet-ups, parties, and has been even paired with ethnic outfits. Then why exclude it from the bridal collection? Bridal Chokers are available on a variety of metals and gems- Gold, Polki, Kundan even Diamonds if you want. Pair them with Rani Haar, which is significantly longer and regal with various layers, a fit necklace for the queens like all the brides. 

Colossal Nath

Gold Nose Ring and Nath

Do we need to say more? After browsing through the recent wedding pictures of all the celebs, we can conclude that colossal Naths have made a comeback. The sheer opulence and grace of an age-old jewellery piece in Gold, Polki or Diamonds has become a favorite of all modern Indian Brides. The intricacy of a carefully handcrafted Nath can help you add royal vibes to your bridal ensemble. 

Stunning Kamarbandh

Gold Kamarbandh

A stunning epitome of Indian workmanship, turn heads by donning an exquisitely crafted Kamarbandh. The right design can highlight and add more dimension to your attire as you revel in the aura of elegance. 

Diligently Crafted Earrings

Antique Gold Jhumkas

Modern brides have a fondness for long earrings. You can opt for traditional Indian earrings like Chandbalis or Jhumkas to complement the other bridal jewellery. These earrings can be paired later with ethnic attires. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can choose meticulously designed Gold Kaans.

Dainty Haath Phool

Yellow Gold Haath Phool, Bangles, Sakha, Pola, Ring

Haath Phool is on rage currently! Haath Phool is a traditional Indian Bridal jewellery that has been around for quite some time. It is worn on the hands with a floral centerpiece resting on the backside of the palm with ring(s) in the finger(s). Haath Phool is a very delicate bridal accessory that elevated the whole ensemble. Any new-age bride will be a vision to uphold adorning carefully crafted Haath Phool.

Be an epitome of grace on your special day as you start your newest journey of life donning traditional bridal jewellery pieces. Apart from these, there is an assortment of traditional bridal jewellery that you can turn to and explore at B.C.Sen Jewellers’ exclusive bridal collection– Bandhan, housing bridal jewellery in Gold, Polki, Kundan, Diamond and Platinum.

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