5 Different Earring Styles For The Bride-To-Be

5 Different Earring Styles For The Bride-To-Be

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Bridal accessories are a big deal and earrings are an absolute wedding essential. The right pair has the power to scale up the bride’s charm to an unmatched level. Be it classic Diamond studs or elaborately crafted Gold Jhumkas, here is a comprehensive list of different styles of earrings for brides:

Royal Chaandbalis

Gold Chandbali Earrings

These crescent-shaped earrings are a millennial bride’s favourite owing to their unique shape and their ability to amp up every bridal attire. A part of the royal history of Hyderabadi Nizams- Chaandbalis add an aura of royalty to the bridal charm.

Timeless Jhumkas

Gold Jhumkas

One cannot go wrong with the classic and time-approved Jhumkas. Available in different hues, metals and precious stones, Jhumkas can be a perfect choice for a classic bridal look.

Trendy Danglers

Diamond Dangler Earrings

Dangler earrings are an ideal pick for brides to help them transform their look. Available in a variety of lengths and materials, danglers help draw attention towards the neckline with the subtle sway as you walk around.

Vibrant Jhomaars

Gold Jhoomar

Jhomaar earrings are an adaptation of Mughal inspired head jhomaars. These earrings weave an intricate spell of history and royalty. Paired best with heavy neckpieces, Jhomaars will make you feel like a regal princess.

Magnificent Kaan Balas or Full Kaans

Gold Kaan Bala

Kaans are the epitome of traditional earrings. Crafted along the shape of the ear, the Kaan gracefully brings out a bride’s regality with its magnificent designs and intricate crafting. 

Additionally, if you want to experiment with your bridal look, you can consider adding hair chains to your bridal earrings. These are multiple bejewelled chains that can be fastened to the hair. They are the perfect blend of chic and traditionalism that perfectly complement the opulence of the bridal outfit. Hair chains can be added with Chaandbalis, Jhumkas, Jhomaars and even with any long Danglers.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind your whole bridal ensemble and grace your wedding with confidence. Explore these and a lot more from B.C.Sen Jewellers’ bridal collection- Bandhan.

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